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Sunday, March 30, 2008

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2nd Intake of Defence Services Medical Academy

Essence of democracy will be deeper if people have
greater sense to abide by rules, principles, laws
Courage, sacrificing spirit make soldiers dare discharge combat duties

The graduation day of DSINPS is a pride for the Defence Services Medical Services, for, new forces will join the DSMS on the day. As you are going to discharge duties in the medical corps, I would like to impart to you what you should know in all seriousness.

The aims of the DSINPS is to produce medical professionals possessing physical and mental ability, needed for safeguarding Our Three Main National Causes, and nursing and paramedical skills.

You have already been trained to become qualified nurses endowed with physical and metal might. As you have already completed your studies BSc (Nursing) degree will be conferred on you.

As you have studied military science, I will now explain the nature of military duty and the responsibilities of a nurse.

In the battle field, we, the soldiers, are always ready to sacrifice life for our comrades-in-arms, because of the esprit de corps. Besides, you will have to nurse a wounded soldier and safe his life under enemy fire during the battle. You will be able to discharge such a daring duty only if you have the camaraderie spirit. And it is also the courage and the sacrificing spirit to face danger that make you dare discharge the combat duty. First aid is the most important work of a nurse in every battle, and deep in your soul is the fact that mental treatment is more effective than the medical treatment in rehabilitating a patient in the base medical hospital.

And it signifies the nobility of the nursing profession. Hence, I would like to urge you to discharge your duties in accord with the motto — skilled and helpful medical soldiers.

Our Tatmadaw is a patriotic armed forces. You must have the ability to protect and safeguard the air, land and water territory of the nation together with the members of the Army, Navy and Air Force. The Tatmadaw has the power to launch a conventional war with its four aspects of military operation, and if required, it can employ people’s militia strategy including guerrilla tactics. In this context, arrangements are under way to train every military personnel to be skilled in infantry warfare. So, you should have the skill to serve as junior infantry leaders. A patriotic soldier must be dutiful in every sector he is assigned to in the State as well as in the Armed Forces. Because it is a must for all of you. You will continue to attend infantry platoon commander course, infantry company commander course and infantry battalion commander course according to your rank.

Every endeavour of the Tatmadaw members is for non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of the national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty. With goodwill and national outlook, you will have to serve the health care services of the villages covered by the five rural development tasks at every place you are assigned to. Health and longevity is the most important requirement for every race, because it will help raise the education level. Based on the intellectual level of the entire people, an enduring democratic state will emerge stage by stage. The essence of democracy will be deeper if people have greater sense to obey the rules, principles, and laws. Thus, I would like to urge you all to collectively take part in the drive to build a discipline-flourishing democratic nation, while keeping in the fore Our Three Main National Causes.

As you all know, our country had suffered the impact of the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the colonialists for many years. In consequence of it, the danger of Union disintegration still casts a shadow on our country. Since yore, our ethnic groups numbering over one hundred have been living in unity and amity at every corner of the country. To this day, the national ethnic groups are living in solidarity in all the states and divisions. This being the case, the State Peace and Development Council is holding the National Convention after laying down the seven-point Road Map. Now, the delegates to the National Convention are holding discussions in coordination in connection with the formulation of basic principles and detailed basic principles, given every approach to the equal portion of rights which the national people have never enjoyed before. Putting their own interest first rather than that of the country, a handful of people holding pessimistic attitude towards the National Convention are plotting wicked schemes and committing misconduct to bring a halt to the ongoing National Convention. Therefore, you all will have to acquire four outlooks, political, economic, administrative and defence, while joining hands with the entire mass of national people for the successful implementation of the seven-point Road Map.

Besides B.Sc. Nursing, such degrees as B.Sc. Pharmacy, B.Sc. Pharmacology (Diagnosis), B.Sc. Pharmacology (Radiology), and B.Sc. Pharmacology (Physical treatment) will be taught at the Defence Services Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Science in future.
Brilliant students will be granted scholarship for post-graduate courses at home and abroad. Therefore, you will have to work hard to set a shining example of good male nurses.

Since you are all military male nurses, you are responsible to uphold the 12 fine traditions and the prestige of the Tatmadaw. Our Tatmadaw is patriotic one. It was formed with the offspring of the people. Therefore, it is always ready to sacrifice itself for the people. The members of the Tatmadaw will take great pains in defence of the country, when it comes to personal interest, whether they get their salaries and food rations. Only then will you be able to establish a significant life of Tatmadawman.

So noble and exemplary is your profession, for you all are the ones who will engage in disease control and prevention, health promotion, medical treatment and rehabilitation. Moreover, you all are to work hard to become ones who can be of great help to the drive for the health and fitness of the entire national people.

You all are to take care of the health of national people living respective regions in conducting health care on a national scale. You will thus acquire the knowledge of health management.

To sum up, you all are to:
— safeguard Our Three Main National Causes, which is the national policy with Union Spirit
— preserve the 12 fine traditions of the Tatmadaw as an inherent duty,
— try your utmost to become kind-hearted male nurses,
— act according to the motto of the Defence Ser-vices medical unit,
— be a helping hand for the people while taking care of public health in line with five rural development plans, and
— cooperate with the people in the successful implementation of the seven-point Road Map for the establishment of a discipline-flourishing democracy.

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